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Social Media Executive


We are looking for an expert in Social Media who has keen eye for detail.


Apply only if:

  • If you have thorough knowledge of social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • If you have knowledge of Facebook Postings, Promotions, Business manager accounts, Ad creations, performance analysis, competitor analysis and Facebook mentions.
  • If you have knowledge and experience of Twitter in terms of usage of handles, hashtags, trending of hashtags, business manager accounts, promotions and performance analysis.
  • If you have knowledge and experience of Instagram in terms of its usage of trending hashtags.
  • Apart from postings and promotions, if you have knowledge of analytics to gauge the mood of the audience.
  • You are looking for a creatively challenging atmosphere.
  • You are willing to push boundaries of hard work and time doesn’t define your motivation.
  • You are all for team game, since you will have to coordinate with various teams (graphic designers, video editors, content writers etc).
  • You are willing to go that extra mile to bring out the best of your abilities.

What we expect out of you:

  • Should be able to understand what contents works for account being managed ad based on that should come up with creative ideas of campaigning.
  • Should have ability of effective content calendar management.
  • Management of surrogate accounts, groups, communities, etc for better and organic consumption of content.
  • To study and analyze daily media ( political and social news ) and generate relevant content.
  • To study past and current media trends and analyze their impact.

Are you:

  • Graduate/ Post Graduate(from a reputed institute).
  • Well versed with current affairs and keen eye for facts, figures and other vital details.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Capable of working under pressure.
  • Positive and willing to learn/work in a team as well as an individual.
  • Experienced in planning, managing and implementation of campaign plan/content.
  • Well versed in Hindi/English/Punjabi

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